Don't Judge, But This Is Prince Harry's Very Subtle Hint Of Bulge

March 16, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


I want to share a little secret with you guys. And brace yourselves, because this is honestly going to be quite a shock if you've never read anything we've posted on Fleshbot Gay ever. Okay, just going to come out and say it. Here we go. ::DEEP INHALE::. I crave ginger dick. Majorly. Irrevocably. Hardcore. 27/4. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Good morning, good afternoon, and goodnight to juicy yummy incredible edible ginger cock! 

The king of ginger cock, or should I say the prince, is of course Prince Harry, and while we haven't actually seen his long swing luscious dong in the flesh, we have seen a pretty damn defined visible penis head. (Warning: Link is from 2015 when I wrote even worse than I do now.)

Here's where your judgment might come in. The bearded beaut was on hand at his military alma mater - the Army Aviation Centre - to celebrate the 2018 graduating pilots. The visit wasn't focused on like army vets or something, but I still almost feel like it's inappropriate to stare at his firehot fuck stick like this.

Almost. Thanks to the fact that the Prince obviously wears boxers, we can see a junkular bulge that clearly indicates Harry dresses to the left! In another pic we have what has to be some sort of dick outline, and while I know some of you are going to scream "IT'S JUST A CREASE YOUR WHORE," it's, like, also a dick for sure. Just look at the guy behind Prince Harry. He's exploding in his pants at this exact moment! Anyway, you clicked on the post, so here we are. If you're just crazy and like ginger cock like moi, enjoy.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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