'Glee' Star Kevin McHale Just Kinda Sorta Maybe Came Out On Instagram

March 13, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

Long gone are the days of coming out to your friends and family (and fans in some cases) the old fashioned way. We no longer have to communicate face-to-face, so why even bother? It's much easier to say what we have to say over social media - and sometimes we don't even have to say it to make it know. 

Glee star Kevin McHale knows this all too well. His recent post on Instagram is a bit cryptic, but fans - and literally anyone else who sees the pic - are definitely beginning to think he just added himself to the list of 'out' celebs. 


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While we may not know who this other hand belongs to just yet, Kevin's followers - the true Gleeks of the world - have an idea of who it could be. 

"My guess is it's @austineyes seeing as they're signing in this picture and austin is known for his asl," said one follower in a comment on the post.

That's Austin P. Mackenzie they're referring to. He starred in When We Rise, a docudrama that showed the lives of LGBTQ people who helped pioneer an offshoot of the Civil Rights Movement after the Stonewall Riots of 1969. He's also been close to Kevin for quite a few years and they run in the same circles in Hollywood. 

No word on if it's 100% him or not, but he's definitely quite the cutie and has also posted his own pics with Kevin. 


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Can we get a hand expert in here to compare? 

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