"I Want To Do Gay Shit With You!"

March 6, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

When Daymin Voss tells Damien Taylor that he wants to do gay shit with him, luckily Damien obliges, else we wouldn't have us a porn scene!

[WATCH: "Vice" Episode Four - Raging Stallion Studios]

They only do a little "gay shit" though - some mutual BJs, but no P in B.

They do cum, though! Look at that cute little spattering of cum on Daymin's cheek. So precious. 


Vice cop Damian Taylor is at police headquarters with detective Daymin Voss. Daymin tells Damian that he 'wants to do gay shit' with him. Damian takes his fellow blue brother up on the offer and frantically unbuckles the detective's belt to release his big hairy dick. Damian takes it in his mouth and sucks it like his life depends on it as he rips off his clothes. Daymin's primal instincts kick in and he's soon the one begging for cock down his throat. 

OK, but have you seen Daymin Voss? And have you seen Daymin Voss' cock?

Don't act like your primal instincts didn't kick in too.

Soon enough, Damien was on his knees in front of Daymin, sucking on all that cock.

Look at all that HAIR my goodness.

Damien can barely get his whole mouth around that thing!

Daymin gives Damien's cock a nice blow too, until they both erupt in cum.

Can I rant for a second?

The scene was hot as heck, no denying that.

And I know we gays are wont to complain, but I take slight offense to the "I want to do gay shit with you" line that sets this up. I know a lot of porn is wrapped up in internalized homophobia, and most porn of the last 4 decades has been about seducing or glorifying straight men. 

But this is gay porn - can we not be made to feel as if we're "other" and "gay" shit is taboo in our own house? 

We're just trying to jack off without being marginalized.


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