Shawn Mendes Pit Hair Party Will Make Your Day

March 6, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency



My fake dating life is getting really crazy recently, because although I'm fake three months pregnant with Nick Jonas' baby that my fake side piece Nolan Gould doesn't know about yet, I'm now falling for Shawn Mendez, and if our fake passionate lovemaking last night is any indication, the feeling is mutual! What to do what to do. Related: Does anyone know a good therapist?

NE WAYS, teen singing sensation Shawn Mendes is one of the hottest celebs around recently, and has no problem showing off his toned for the fucking Gawds bod on Instagram, not to mention his leading man facial features and head of hair you could lose a dick in. Thanks to a recent Tumblr pic, we now see that Mendes gives good pit, and for some reason these rando tricks are present to witness the hairy pit goodness IRL. How could you fake cheat on me Shawn?!

I would get a barely-curable STD to get with Shawn, and hopefully this summer brings all the shirtless action your no-no can handle! 


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