Nick Jonas Shows Sunburn On One Of His Most Valuable Areas

March 5, 2018 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


The thirstiest of thirst traps is back in action! Nick Jonas has been delivering a pretty steady revenue stream of bankable spank material after what feels like ten years of jizz drought, and this most recent shirtless peek presents Jonasty at his finest! 

Jonas has apparently been soaking up that sun that as a Chicagoan I've heard tales about, and he accidentally got a little too sun-kissed on his massive guns. I'd do more than kiss them. Rite ladies. I'd fuck 'em. But for real, seeing Nick in just a towel will never get old, and his eternal scruff and epic chest fuzz are as hot as ever here.

You guys probably remember that our lives were changed forever last week when Nick cheated on us with some trick, and while I'm still hanging with my two besties Ben & Jerry while watching Bridget Jones's Diary, I'm coping. JK I'm broken forever. Anyway, hopefully Ms. Trick Ho doesn't slow down our Jonasty and that 2018 will continue to be an embarrassment of no britches! 


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