Has Painting Ever Made You So Horny That You Started Fucking Instead?

March 5, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Alberto Esposito and Aymeric Deville were painting, and suddenly overcome by the urge to fuck.

[WATCH: Alberto Esposito vs Aymeric Deville vs Aj Alexander - Cazzo Club]

Then magically, AJ Alexander showed up, and their twosome turned into a fisting threesome.

I mean it's weird but it kind of makes sense. 

Lots of guys love to do poppers while they fuck.
Poppers are basically a chemical, not unlike paint thinner.
So if huffing paint thinner makes dudes all over the world horny, the fumes from the paint should too.

Not an unlikely scenario! Maybe even more likely than those weird "girlfriend in the room" scenes from Men.com, or those "Sex on a box scenes" from Falcon Studios.

From Cazzo Club:

Alberto and Aymeric are just about to paint their Berlin apartment when they are overcome by lust. Alberto grabs his buddy's leg and then heaves him onto the ladder to have him exactly where he needs him.

With relish he peels him out of his clothes and sticks his fat cock in his mouth. Greedy, he licks his nuts until the juice runs into his face. Now Aymeric also snaps to his buddy's meat stud. The hard club skin the bald head left and right one in the mouth until he mercilessly thrusts it into his throat.

After some nice oral action, Aymeric turns around and gets his hole eaten out.

Once AJ magically gets there, he whips out his dick and joins the fun!

Huffing paint is fun for everyone!

Soon enough, AJ's fist is in everyone's ass having a great time.

I know it, these guys know it, and now you know it:

Fisting > painting.

Have you ever fisted? Have you ever been fisted?


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