Liam Knox Always Comes Out On Top...Except When He Bottoms...

March 1, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

When Liam Knox Is In The Mood To Bottom, His Best Bud Dakota Rivers Always Has His Back(side).

[WATCH: "Dick Danger Two: Scene Four" - Ttan Men]

The two fuck in the finale of Titan Men's "Dick Danger 2"

And Dakota Rivers does have a dangerous dick, but Liam Knox has had it riding through the streets of Hollywood looking for danger, and is ready for some action. Luckily Dakota Rivers is ALWAYS ready.

From Titan Men:

Nothing happens here without Dick coming out on top—unless he encounters the likes of Dakota Rivers, who always has his back. The two slowly ditch their fedoras and tight tank tops, Dakota going down on his private dick. “That’s why I trust you with anything,” moans Liam, bending down for a kiss before getting on his knees to engulf the tall, tattooed jock’s rod. Dakota moans as he gets worshipped, his hand roaming to tease Liam’s hole. He eats out the private eye before owning his ass, Liam moaning as he takes it deep. 

Look at these two friends catching up before they bang! So pure.

It's like they're saying "LOL remember when I pounded your butt last time? This time will be more intense."

And Liam is like "LOL You don't know how much I can take! Try me haha"

Even their cocks are buds! Look at them getting reacquainted with one another.

Dakota sure does cum through for his friend in need...

In multiple positions...and Liam is a big ol bottom and loves cumming when he gets topped, but his ass helps Dakota shoot a massive load too!

In all honesty, it didn't seem like Liam and Dakota had THAT chemistry - they were clearly laughing on set, but their sexual chemistry didn't seem to be there. Shame, since they have two of the nicest bodies in the industry.

Maybe I'm wrong.

What did you think of "Dick Danger 2"? Hot, or should Titan stick to what it knows?


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