Colton Gray Helps Josh Milk Make Rent

February 28, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

What starts out as Colton Gray helping out Josh Milk by letting him clean the bar, turns into a hot flip-flop session before the bar opens

[WATCH: "Making Rent Episode Four: Hustler" - Naked Sword Originals]

We've seen the ways some people make rent, and the lengths they'll go to! Some keep it simple and do odd chores for people; some take more drastic measures like stripping down and doing porn, and some put on webcam shows.

Still, some find other ways to make their cash. 

In Josh Milk's case, he makes rent by hustling.

Using that dick too, but hustling.


The SOMA district of San Francisco brings its fair share of street trade. As Powerhouse bartender Colton Grey arrives to work to open the bar, he is greeted with a pleasant surprise: sexy euro boy Josh Milk passed out on the front door. Colton invites him in to help clean in exchange for some quick cash. After wiping down the bar, Josh goes to the backroom to wipe down his stinky armpits and catches the eye of Colton. Colton decides to take advantage of the prize left on his doorstep and jumps on Josh's big uncut cock.

But before he jumps on it, Colton gets Josh's cock nice, hard and wet.

Josh certainly knows how to work for that money, and blows Colton right back!

Who has the prettier eyes - Colton or Josh?


Before jumping on that cock though, Colton sits on Josh's face.

If you're gonna support the local economy, you better get everything you can out of them first.

Then the two studs flip-flopped! Colton took Josh's cock first...

And eventually took his load to the mouth.

*IS* the rent actually too damn high?

Have you ever done anything crazy to make rent?


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