Zayn Malik Four-Pound Shirtless Bod In Gigantic Shorts

February 28, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency



They say that you can never be too young, too rich, or too thin, but Zayn Malik is certainly testing this matra for terrible people with his thin as hell frame - only accentuated by absolutely gigantic Tony Hawk for Kohl's shorts. The One Direction School of Sexiness alum stepped out in Miami, FL sporting even more tats than last time we saw him, but it's really his bod that has people talking. I seriously don't want to body shame and I would LOVE to get on Adderall so I could not eat a Taco Bell Craving Deal every damn day and potentially lose fifteen-pounds, but still, Malik is notably thin, right? Or is it just the bloomers? 

Whatever the case, he still gives face face and more face and his head of hair is as breathtaking as ever. These are exclusive pap-tastic pics, so you'll need to hit the link below to check them out. And let us know what you think about Zayn's ~lewk~ in the comments!

Head HERE for the pics

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