Darin Silvers Gets A Massage With The Happiest Of Endings

February 27, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Alex Chandler, being quite the masseur, gives Darin Silver a nice blowjob and cock massage after the full-body rub down.

[WATCH: To Completion - Men.com]

As they fuck on the massage table, Alex Chandler gets a massage of his very own...

Talk about relaxing! Also, talk about refreshing....to see a Men.com post without some woman hiding in the corner or something.

Darin calls masseur Alex over for a relaxing massage, but things quickly go sideways!

As we all know, this is the BEST part of the massage.

Darin was relaxed, but one part of him was more than ready to go. And a handjob is good, but once Alex saw Darin's hard cock, he couldn't resist taking things further.

From Men.com:

Darin is getting a relaxing massage from Alex, who goes the extra mile to make sure he's fully satisfied. A happy ending is always the best way to complete a session.

Soon enough, both boys are 69-ing on the table.

Look how blue Darin's eyes look with Alex legs wrapped around his head!

Before you know it, Alex is bouncing up and down on Darin's dick.

But with a condom though. Maybe this one was filmed before Men.com made their bareback debut...

Then, because massage tables are uncomfortable to fuck on (not speaking from experience or anything...) the boys move it the action to another position

Doggy style certainly offers more leverage than trying to balance on a massage table!

Then they switch again and fuck missionary, until Darin blows his load all over Alex.

The happiest of endings!

Have you ever received a massage with a happy ending? Was it as "Happy" as Alex's massage?


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