Trent Garrett Donkey Dick Head Outline And Ball Tugging

February 26, 2018 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


The hunkilicious Trent Garrett is a hottie and a goddamn half, and you might remember him from his ass out appearance on The Deleted. Now he's back on the small screen for Here and Now - a not-so-well-reviewed HBO series that prompted the headline from the naysayers at The New Yorker "How to Make a Weepy Family Drama," but that obviously prompts a very different headline at Fleshbot Gay. Because we speak in the language of subtlety TYVM. Anyway just know that you will be creaming your corn thanks to Garrett's insanely hot visible penis head and ball tug in the Here and Now episode title "If a Deer Sh*ts in the Woods."  

In a previous Here and Now episode titled "Eleven Eleven" Garrett wowed audiences with a look at his beefy butt, but it's really his eleven inches that he will go down in Fleshbot jizz-tory for. In the scene, Garrett can be seen standing in the kitchen in just a t-shirt and his tighty whities. He continuously adjusts his super hot junk throughout the clip, and thanks to his thin undies, we get a detailed anatomy lesson in what hung guys with big balls look like. Fun AND educational!

Anyone who watched the episode knows that the two are actually talking about something not so sexy (chlamydia) hence why I made gifs instead of uploading the actual clip. Take in all of Trent Garrett's package below and let us know if he's your new everything in the comments. Hey Trent, we owe chlamyd-YA one! Rite ladies.


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