Liam Knox, Adam Ramzi, Micah Brandt and Derek Maxum ALL IN THE SAME SCENE?

February 26, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

But It's Not a Foursome - It's Two Twosomes (Adam Ramzi and Derek Maxum / Micah Brandt and Liam Knox). 


[WATCH: "Dick Danger 2: Scene 3" - Titan Men]

Titan Studios takes a cue out of Falcon / Hot House / Raging Stallion's book and goes oral-only for episode 3 of "Dick Danger 2"

Oh, times in porn, they are a-changin'. Over the last two years, we've seen many new trends in porn - more diversity of ages / races in partners (there's only one white guy in this scene?) and longer films - Raging / Hot House / Falcon studios' newest movies have 7 episodes as opposed to the 4 of yesteryear.

But one of the most interesting trends is the oral-only episode.

There are many amateur sites built off of primarily blowjob scenes - MilitaryClassefied comes to mind immediately. So if oral-only is popular, why not add some diversity from the scenes that are primarily sex?


“Fuck me once, shame on you. Fuck me twice? You’re gonna get fucked back,” promises Adam Ramzi, plotting revenge with Derek Maxum—who distracts the kingpin with his dick, the two taking turns worshiping each other’s meat before Derek is sent on assignment. Meanwhile, Liam Knox knows Adam is up to something, but takes time out from detective work to swap sucks with fellow fedora-wearing muscle man Micah Brandt—who deep throats his bud, spit dripping to the ground as he chokes on the verbal stud’s cock (“Keep on that…all of it!”). 

Sometimes the foreplay is the best part of the scene!


Meanwhile, across the way, Micah is getting it on with Liam:

He even gets a little rim job...

Before Liam goes down on him.

To move the scene along, Titan Men continues the (pretty clever comic book narrative).

Adam and Liam are reminiscing of their encounters in some sexy phone talk until both guys blow their loads:

Since everyone is taking cues from everyone else, maybe Titan will follow's lead and go bareback? We'll see.

Do you like blowjob-only scenes, or do you prefer fucking?


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