K.J. Apa Will Give You The Giney Tingles With Hint Of Coin Slot

February 22, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Well it's about damn time. We've gone what feels like three-thousand-billion years without peeking our favorite half-Samoan ginger creamboat K.J. Apa (even though it's probably only been a week) and even though his hit CW series Riverdale is on hiatus until March 7th, today we have this glorious gif of his upper upper upper coin slot! 

We're used to peeping Apa's ridiculously ripped bod on the teen sex party series Riverdale as well as in his Instagram pics, but anything South of Apa's fuck border has been pretty much off limits. We saw some ass thanks to some shredded tighty whities once, and now we have this cheek indentation that honestly is enough to get me to a nice moisture level. Next... his twat? Surely!


H/T: Itsalekz

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