Austin Armacost No Longer Identifies As Asexual Thanks To His Sexy New Beau

February 22, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

Newsflash: Austin Armacost is no longer asexual. In fact, he never really was apparently. Last year, the Celebrity Big Brother star told the The Sun that when it came to sex, he was "just not that into it." He claimed: "I am probably, in all honesty, the least sexual people you will ever meet. […] I am like a nun in bed."

Very sad words considering what a sexy fuck machine he looks like to the rest of us. 

In a recent interview with Gay Star News, however, he says his comments about being asexual were all just a simple misunderstanding. "I was referring to the sexual relationship between [ex-husband] Jake and I," Armacost said. "Sex was limited with us and we were monogamous. I had all but dried up downstairs." 

Since meeting his new boyfriend, Darren, things seem to have changed pretty drastically. 

What a fun shower ☺️?✈️?

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"He unleashed my inner sex beast!" Armacost says. According to him, the couple is constantly fucking like rabbits. I'll give you a moment to appreciate that image in your head...

"I find sex a wonderful and empowering activity," he said. "It is also a great way to burn calories."

From the looks of his Instagram one wouldn't think the reality star needed much more of a workout routine, but whatever he's doing is definitely working. 


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Love having a display shower

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And about that ass: Armacost says he's always down to show it off (and why not?!). "I love posting pics of my ass," he said. "I work very hard on making it big and round and yes, I enjoy showing it off. I also like to shock people. And for some reason somebody posting a picture of their ass is shocking."

We love it too, so please don't stop. Ever. 

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