Fischerspooner's New Album 'Sir' Is For The Freak In Every One Of Us

February 21, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

After a decade since releasing their last album, art-pop group Fischerspooner is back with a record that seems to be full of kinky anthems that are going to have us all dripping with sweat (and other things) on the dance floor. The group's video for their latest single, 'Butterscotch Goddam' featuring Johnny Magee, is full of hot guys in tight undies that are sure to quench your thirst. 

The band met up with Instinct Magazine to talk about what influences their art. "Different places really," says Warren Fischer, one half of the uber-artsy duo. "Sometimes it’s from a performer we work with - other times it’s pulled from the lyrics." When asked how the LGBTQ community plays a role in the outcome of nearly every song and video, Warren said it has a much deeper meaning now than ever before. "In the past nothing overt - but now in Trump America, it’s crucial for artists to stand up to bigotry in all its forms."

'Butterscotch Goddam' comes just one month after the band's last single 'TopBrazil', which dives pretty deep into the anonymous group sex scene. According to Casey Spooner, the entire song is based on a dating profile from a hookup, which, as it turns out, wasn't so great.

"I went and I hooked up with this guy and his profile name was TopBrazil and it was a nightmare. He was an awful person, weird, the whole experience was terrible. He was mildly degrading and abusive and rude and awkward and I don’t know why I stayed and I don’t know why I went through with it, even when I knew that it was probably not a good idea and so the song is sort of a portrait of this dangerous game you can play with yourself where you continue this pursuit for sexual satisfaction and sometimes it comes crumbling down and can be soul crushing, and actually unravels and diminishes all of the beautiful and amazing experiences you’ve had before," he told the magazine. 

As for the attention the video got from fans, Fischerspooner couldn't be happier.

"We love it, it’s nice to work for years and feel it well received in culture," said Warren. "It’s fun to watch the YouTube comment battles that are raging. People are all up in it!"

The band released their first album in 2001 and has been known for their risky, raunchy lyrics and videos for almost two decades. If these two singles are any indicator, it looks like 'Sir' could be one of the hottest albums of 2018. 

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