The Rent May Be Too Damn High, But These Studs Have No Problem Paying It!

February 22, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Pierce Paris, Jason Vario, and Rikk York have a little threesome fun, and pay their debts at the same time.

Have you ever paid your rent in dick? Have you ever paid for ANYTHING in dick?

Rikk York, Ashley Ryder, and Teddy Bryce have no problem turning their assets into cash to pay their rent. Someone once said "pussy runs everything" but in Naked Sword Originals' case, man pussy pays the rent!

Episode 3 - Jason Vario, Pierce Paris & Rikk York

Rikk York ends up not only making his rent, but making his gay porn debut!

Desperate for cash, Rikk York picks up the local paper to skim the classified ads and comes across “production assistant needed for gay porn shoot”.  Why not?  When he shows up to the Nob Hill Adult Theatre, he’s greeted by the director and gay porn stars Pierce Paris and Jason Vario, who are super horny but worried they’re going to have to cancel the shoot because of a no-show. No scene = no pay! Rikk flashes his bubble butt and 6-pack abs and offers to be the replacement.

[WATCH: "Making Rent Episode 3 - Touch Our Junk" - NakedSword Originals]

Episode 2 - Ashley Ryder and Jackson Fillmore

Ashley Ryder and Jackson use their skills to put on a webcam show for the gods!

What's a horny hung couple with a web cam to do when rent is due? Put on a live cam show for tips from their SOMA flat aka "The Pig Pen." Luckily there's nothing Ashley Ryder and Jackson Fillmore won't do.

[WATCH: "Making Rent Episode 2 - The Pig Pen" - NakedSword Originals]

Episode One - Teddy Bryce and Brian Bonds

Teddy Bryce gives Brian Bonds' house a deep cleaning, and Brian gives Teddy a deep fucking in return...

Brian Bonds calls houseboy Teddy Bryce to come and give his kitchen a deep cleaning. While Teddy works up a sweat Brian spies on the young tattoo'd hunk and offers him 3x the money if he'll work naked. Before you can say "rent's due" Teddy is down on his knees deep-throating Brian's huge cock.

[WATCH: "Making Rent Episode 1 - House Boy" - NakedSword Originals]

Has making rent ever felt this good or been this easy?

Within minutes, Rikk is on the bottom of the year's hottest interracial threesome.

Two dicks in his mouth, two loads of cum on his face, and one month's rent paid - what could be better?

Who says making rent can't be a load of fun?

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