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February 13, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

As the name suggests, Bound Muscle Jocks features muscle guys and jocks trussed up like the Thanksgiving turkey.

[WATCH: "Shower Gang Bang: Part One" - Bound Muscle Jocks]

The site will feature a variety of men getting their kicks through their kinks.

Maybe by "a wide variety of men" they meant "non with actual muscle" or maybe by "muscle" they meant in the fundamental sense, like all of these men have skeletal muscle and need them to survive.

Then again, this is a Euro site, so maybe their idea of muscle is different from mine.

Their latest scene features a gang bang with 4 dudes, one of which is (apparently) Jake Lyons:

From Bound Muscle Jocks:

The muscled young boy enjoying his shower until he is interrupted by three boys out for some fun. They take it upon themselves to show the straight boy the pleasures of gay sex, whether he likes it at first or not.

So yes. The latest scene features boys that are neither muscled, nor bound.

They may or may not be jocks, so we're like 1 for 3 here. I guess in 2018, it turns out you can put words in any order you want!


The site joins a "growing" niche of "bad boy" sites.

The sister sites, including and

The good thing: The site plans to release content twice a week.

Much better than their other sister sites, Cazzo Club and Jockpussy - both have great content, but their slow release schedules (2-3 times a month) have been the banes of their existence since their launches. Bound Muscle Jocks at least knows that content is the way to keep people coming back. 

In my opinion, more content doesn't necessarily mean BETTER content, especially in today's world, where we reached peak gay porn like 4 years ago. Just like their sister sites, DaddysBondageBoys and RawFuckBoys, you can't just throw 3 words together to make a site, throw some videos up, and expect it to excite.

The content has to be good. And I don't know if this is.

Will you be checking out Bound Muscle Jocks?


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