Cameron Dallas Just Gave Insta Upper Thigh Hair For Goddamn Days

February 12, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


One of our very favorite panty lubricators Cameron Dallas never really stops going shirtless on Instagram, so as discerning perverts, we really need to pick and choose the Dallas news that we cover so as not to a) oversaturate his image b) oversaturate your undies. But today the saturation is real, because the sassiest starlet around posted a super hot photo of his upper thigh hair on Instagram! And things are looking all sorts of hairy and all sorts of thigh-y, and I am in. to. it. ugh! 

The twenty-three-year-old international modeling sensation has literally made a career out of setting thirst traps on Instagram, and today this little mouse writer ate the cheese. And now I want him to snap off my tail. Ew what is happening. In the pic in question Dallas sits with his tropical vision trunks bunched up around his groin-ular region, revealing thigh hair and an accompanying happy trail that hopefully meet in the middle to form a big bushel of fun and wonderment! Is Dallas still the douche that has you douching? Spillz on my face in the comments!

Peen.Is: Oh wow, okay look at the second pic below. Oh. Yeah. Um. Yes.


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