Johnny Hill and Archer Hart Christen Their New Apartment With A Bang!

February 7, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Not to mention, Archer Hart just bought a new mattress, so he and Johnny Hill break that in as soon as they get it set up!

[WATCH: Breakin' In The Mattress - Next Door Raw]

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Gone are the days of housewarming parties. How did you christen your last apartment? I christened mine with a good poop. Really felt like home after that.

Not Archer Hart and Johnny Hill! Apparently, they like to christen it the BIBLICAL way, with a good ol' fashioned fuck. I guess it really feels like home after that too.


 From Next Door Raw:

As they throw the mattress down on top of the frame, Johnny Hill congratulates Archer Hart for a move in successfully completed. With nothing else to move in, Johnny makes the remark that it's time to break in the mattress, and Archer begins to play it off. Johnny is serious though, and tells Archer he needs to find some way to repay him for his help. Archer soon realizes Johnny means business, and as he hovers over Archer on the bed, Johnny begins to eyeball Archer's tight pants.

But not without some rimming first!

Johnny may be demanding, but he's at least caring.

But after some quick oral they get right down to it.

After some rough bareback action, Johnny leaves his seed all over Archer.

Apartment. Christened. Now it's time to get some other boys in here too!

How do you like to christen your new living space? With a fuck like Johnny and Archer?


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