Dahmer Got Hot! My Friend Dahmer Nude Scenes Are Here

February 6, 2018 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


We have a LOT of hot dude news to cover today, but fist and fore-moist, we have got to get to the nudity from the new flick My Friend Dahmer! Super cutie and Disney School of Sexiness alum Ross Lynch takes on the role of infamous(... ly sexy) serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, and as someone who lived in Cleveland for four years, I can tell you that Dahmer was only superseded as the Midwest's homegrown hero after Lebron James returned to the Cavs. Yes, Clevelanders bring up Dahmer and the Kent State shootings every five minutes, and I'm honestly not making that up. I moved.

NE WAYZ, my point is that Dahmer still remains one of the most talked-about serial killers even though he died in 1994. Jeremy Renner, bless his heart, took on Dahmer's likeness for 2002's Dahmer (which I watched with my Cleveland friends for movie night. Not making that up) but frankly Dahmer was fairly attractive, and Renner was once tasked with asking people three perplexing riddles before they crossed bridges prior to becoming an actor. 

The new flick My Friend Dahmer, now available on iTunes, ups the man-te by casting the super adorable twinktastic Ross Lynch as the lead. If Darren Criss can be Andrew Cunanan, then Lynch can be Dahmer, and TBH I'd risk it with either of the actual killers if they looked like these boys. JK. There's definitely a larger conversation to be had about the glorification of serial killers - especially someone like Dahmer who preyed on disenfranchised gay minorities whose absences would likely unnoticed by a society that failed them. BUT, as I said, the amount of hot guy news that we need to get to is seriously going to blow out your bussy, so without further ado, here's Ross Lynch as Dahmer! 


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