Nick Jonas Fuzzy Late Night Cleavage

February 5, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


For a recent Instagram Story, Nick Jonasty took us into the boudoir where he ever so flirtatiously covered up his teats with his sheet, giving us just a peak at his juicy hairy cleavage while including the caption "Late night jams." Nick if you're referring to the tablespoon of marmalade I had in my pants after first seeing these stills, then yes, we did have some late night jam! 

You guys might not know this, but I have like a ~thing~ for Nick Jonas, and by following him obsessively like in a scary movie checking in on him from time to time like a normal person, I have come to understand his social posting habits. Mainly the fact that Nick's thirst trap shirtless action seems to come in waves, and after about a billion-year dry spell coinciding with the release of his album Last Year Was Complicated, Jonas is finally back on the tit train! All aboard... my anus! 

Seriously, when looking at these pics you can basically feel like you're waking up next to Jonasty in bed with his essence still dribbling out of your hole, and really, is there anything better that you can ask for on a Monday?!


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