If A Sneakerhead and a Beard Fetish Guy Meet On The Street, Do They Go Home And Fuck?

February 5, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Yes, duh.

[WATCH: AJ Alexander vs. Max Duro: Part 1 - Cazzo Club]

AJ Alexander and Max Duro get acquainted with each other with some rough piggy sex at Cazzo Club

While we don't (and won't) know if a tree makes a sound when it falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, we DO know that when two pigs meet on the street, they meet for some pretty intense sex! Some foot worship, some fooj action, some bondage, and a pretty rough bareback fuck!

From Cazzo Club:

When the sneaker Guy AJ Alexander meets the bearded guy Max, he knows that he has found a new toy. He drags him into his apartment and throws him on the leather couch. Submissive as if he belongs to the pig he goes to his knees and licks his sneakers off. The leather smell rises in his nose, the senses fade away and makes him a slave to his own desire.
Devotedly he takes his feet in his mouth and sucks on the stuffy socks.

And AFTER AJ gets a nice whiff of Max's socks, shoes and feet, he gets a nice whiff of Max's cock and foreskin.

As submissive as he is, when Max demands AJ take care of his hole, AJ obliges with a sloppy rimjob.

Max ties down his new slave and even uses some toys and some light bondage for some additional fun.

When they can't take it anymore, AJ gets on top and rides Max's cock until they both explode everywhere. 

The way these pigs fuck you really WOULD think it was a race, and definitely can't tell they just met.

What's the piggiest sex you've ever had?


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