Ermerggggg Shirtless Sean O’Donnell To Wet Your Tight Bussy

February 2, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


This past summer we peeped twinktastic Instagram modeling sensation Sean O’Donnell for the first time here at Fleshbot Gay, and that means that it's been about half a year too long since we've checked in on this boy's smoking hot toned bod, adorable face, and hair for goddamn days! And eyes. And eyelashes that could give your taint some serious rugburn with a little fluttering. Oh wow, and an excessive amount of leg hair that can only mean that his sac looks like two lint balls. Yurmzies! 

NE WAYZ, the twenty-one-year-old Instagram model seems to only be increasing the number of shirtless pics he posts of himself over time, and at this rate it really only seems reasonable to guess that he will do bareback double penetration soon. Sean's not openly gay as far as I can tell, but ya. He is. At least when I'm through with his tight pink little butthole.

OMG wait. I just found a picture of him kissing a female. GROSS. I'll shield your eyes from it because this is a Christian website, but you can check out these hawttt pics of Sean below and let us know which part of your body you want him to drag his woolen testicles across first!






(The Facetune-ing of the lower stomach in the above pic. Hot.)






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