Manuel Skye and Kit Cohen Fuck While Waiting For Their Girlfriend's Massage

February 2, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Isn't the Happy Ending Supposed to Come AFTER The Massage, not before?

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Manuel Skye and Kit Cohen Blow Each Other Before, Then Fuck While Their Girl Gets  A Massage. Thank God She Was Wearing Headphones!

But can she not...see what's going on? I know the hole in that massage table isn't opaque. Can she not at least see the shadows moving? I need answers.

But heck - Remember that time when Pierce Paris and Teo Carter got down in the waiting room?

It looks like getting down in the waiting room is the current IN thing!

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Remember when Vadim Black fucked his masseur Griffin Barrows while his girlfriend "waited" for her massage?


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From Reality Dudes:

Why miss out on an opportunity to get some quick and dirty action? Manuel Skye and Kit make the most of their time while waiting for a massage by blowing each other right in the waiting room. Manuel & Kit keep getting more and more bold, taking things to the next level while staff and patrons remain oblivious.

To suck a cock without anyone hearing, you have to be efficient. Bless Kit Cohen and his cocksucking skills.

Also, this is the first time I'm realizing Manuel Skye has a birthmark on his foreskin. It's the (big) little things, really.

But things don't stop when the two get to the massage room!

In fact, Manuel pulls out his phone and films the whole thing.

They don't stop fucking until their girl wakes up.

But they had cum by then, so it's fine.


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