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Calvin Banks Helps Troy Accola Make His Cockyboys Debut

[WATCH: Calvin Banks and Troy Accola - Cockyboys]

Troy has always been a little shy, but Calvin helps him come out of his sexual shell

Over the last few days, Men.com has been trying to make this whole "Allen King is a sex king" a thing.

[WATCH: Sex King Part One - Men.com]

And the guy's got looks, a nice cock, and can bottom as well as he can top. But is a sex king, or was it just a cute pun off of his hame.

What I'm getting at is, is Calvin Banks the ACTUAL sex king?

Has Calvin Banks EVER been in a bad scene? And every scene of his is consistently hot. There was that one time, in a scene with Taylor Reign and Dillon Rossi, that Cockyboys made him awkwardly jack off by himself in a corner, but that was only for a few minutes.

Bottom Line: Calvin Banks is pure money.

And in Cockyboys' latest scene, he helps Troy Accola come out of his shell...

...even if it means choking it out of the boy.

From Cockyboys:

Troy Accola makes his long-awaited Cocky Boys debut and there's no one better to welcome him than Calvin Banks. They have a history together on camera and off and now get a chance for a more exciting redux...with Troy now more sexually confident and open to more options. 

As Calvin Banks is one of the industry's best vers performers, after he gives Troy a nice pounding, he hops on Troy's dick and gets a pounding of his very own.

All whilst making Troy look good.

Troy's dick must have felt good!

Troy looks amazed as a hot load oozes out of Calvin's dick.

Calvin, not being a selfish lover, helps Troy get off in the end.

Calvin could teach us ALL a thing or two.

Is Calvin Banks the Actual Sex King?


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