Power Bottom Jessie Colter Returns To Gay Porn

January 22, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

One of Jessie Colter's first scenes back in gay porn? Bottoming For Muscle Hunk Sean Duran

[WATCH: Playroom Fuckers - Men Over 30]

Usually-bald Sean has hair, and usually-haired Jessie is Bald, but watch them fuck in Sean's "Playroom" at Men Over 30

OK you remember Jessie Colter. Hot body, could take a dick like no other, and a STRONG-ass face (probably the strongest face to ever work in gay porn.) I believe his porn career began in 2012, and it looks like he retired in 2014.

During that time, he starred in one of my favorite gay porn scenes ever, with Adam Killian:

[WATCH: Adam Killian Tops Jessie Colter - Lucas Entertainment]

Man, before Michael Lucas turned out to be a shitty human, he was so good.

Now, Jessie is making a return in 2018, after nearly 4 years gone.

So Jessie Colter's face is just as strong, his ass is no less hot, and he can still take dick better than your fave. This time, it's in Sean's "playroom".


Sean and Jessie have wanted to fuck for many years, but never had the opportunity.  Sean brings Jessie to his playroom and the two waste no time getting into some heavy play with each other.  Sean immediately goes for Jessie's ass and starts rimming him.  Jessie then sucks Sean deep to the hilt and then Sean goes back for seconds on Jessie's ass. 

Before they could even get out of their clothes, Sean's tongue was in Jessie's ass.

These two waste no time, do they!

As he is wont to do, Jessie took Sean's cock ALL the way to the base.

It's good to be back.

Then after a blowjob of his very own, Sean plunged his dick deep into Jessie's ass.

Who says you need a bed? A playroom with a chair is just fine. At least theirs is finished, unlike those scary rooms that Bromo and Titan use.

Are you excited for Jessie Colter's return to gay porn?


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