Jockpussy Introduces Newcummer Connor Atlas

January 19, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by garridan-p-faxton

Cade Maddox is the first guy to fuck Connor Atlas when in Orange County

[WATCH: Connor Atlas and Cade Maddox in Orange County - JockPussy]

Will he be a great replacement for Luke Hudson?

As we all know, Jockpussy was originally built off the popularity of Luke Hudson. Jason Sparks was able to spin off Luke's popularity into its own separate site, but they could never really grow the site or keep up with the content schedule.

[WATCH: Jockpussy Halloween - Jockpussy]

They tried to solve this by introducing new model Logan Phillips:

[WATCH: Jason Sparks and Logan Phillips in Louisville - Jock Pussy]

Logan is pretty, and Logan was fine, but based on your comments here, he wasn't very well-liked compared to Luke.

Well, Connor Atlas to the rescue!


Meet our sexy new trans boy Connor Atlas. Connor is a twin and has been identifying as male since high school. Check out his interview in our MEET section to hear more about Connor and his experiences and peak into his life.

In his debut scene Connor shows us a what a sexy fucker he is. Cade Maddox bounces him up and down on the end of his cock. It's a sensational pairing that is going to have you wanting more of Connor.

I mean, it looks like he has the same tattoos as Luke:

And doesn't seem to be as green on-camera as Logan...

And takes dick pretty well.

My one question is why hasn't Viktor Belmont worked with them? He seems like he'd be perfect. But alas.

What do you think of Connor Atlas? Should he continue with Jockpussy?


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