Darren Criss Tugs On His Bulge, Shows Butt In ACS: Versace

January 18, 2018 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


SEW, I really wish that you guys / I gave half a shit about Darren Criss, because we're going to be getting a lot more of him now that Ryan Murphy has his hands all over his weird body! Last night marked the season premiere of American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace, and while we already knew that Criss would show off his jiggly ass - undoubtedly the best part about him - we didn't know that he'd be tugging on his undies-clad dick and balls! 



Criss, who isn't gay in real life but certainly isn't shy about James Franco-ing his way around Hollywood, plays Andrew Cunanan, who was responsible for the murder of a handful of people in the mid 90's including Gianni Versace. In the episode The Man Who Would Be Vogue, we experience the panic surrounding Versace's death and the hunt for Cunanan.

Integral to the plot and Murphy's spank bank is one scene in which Criss fondles himself in front of a sleeping couple before bouncing into bed with them. I mean, TBH I wouldn't get crabs for Criss or anything, but I'd honestly jump that bulge because of this boy's eyebrows alone! Does this scene change your no-no's feelings towards Criss, or am I going to get three clicks on this post? Spillz in the comments!  


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