Could You Handle Anthony Naylor's THICK Uncut Cock?

January 18, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by garridan-p-faxton

Heck - with a cock like that, I bet Anthony Naylor is a nailor of throats and asses! *ba dum tsch*

[WATCH: Anthony Naylor - Badpuppy]

Watch as he strokes his cock at Badpuppy

Picking a porn name is no easy feat. Should you go with something real-sounding so no one questions it (Ryan Rose)? Should you go with something a little less fanciful, because when else are you gonna get to pick your name (Dolf Dietrich)? Should you go with something cheesy, because why not (Peter North - think about it, his dick points up)?

While for one of my aliases I went with the first (Shawn Monroe) and for the other, I went for the second (Garridan P. Faxton), Anthony Nailor went for the third. 

But with a cock like that... it's fine. I'm oddly okay with it.

From Badpuppy:

27-year-old Anthony Naylor joins us from Liverpool where he works as a dancer and enjoys going to the gym.  He's currently single, loves clean-cut guys, claims to be versatile; and, is willing to participate in just about any sexual activity.   After his interview, Anthony sits back on the sofa, unbuttons his pants and a very large bulge is attempting to escape his underwear.  He pulls off his shirt revealing his thick, muscular arms and torso.  His hands go down his shorts and pull out a long, thick uncut cock which is already rock-hard and ready for some jacking action.

But first, Anthony pulls down his pants to reveal a nice bum...

And takes off his shirt to reveal some horrid back tattoos. Thankfully he spends most of the shoot sitting on his back, so you don't see those.

And a nice hole...

But what we all really came here for was that big, beautiful, uncut cock.

Look at that thing that thing is perfect isn't it.

He also reveals his feet, but feet lovers, I don't think this one is for you.

A nice cock, hot bod, cute face and pretty good butt aren't bad. Maybe next time we can go 5/7.

What do you think of Anthony Naylor? Could you handle his cock?


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