Courtney Act Shows Off Her Waxing Skills On Celebrity Big Brother

January 17, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

RPDR alum - and one of my favorite drag queens to ever walk the earth - Courtney Act, is making some big splashes on the U.K.'s Celebrity Big Brother. The runner-up on season 6 of RPDR and season 1 of Australian Idol wasted no time getting close to Andrew Brady, who is known most for his time on the U.K. version of The Apprentice. The pair have gotten so close that Andrew even let Courtney help him out with some manscaping. 

The 27-year-old seemed a little too into letting Courtney go all Mr. Miagi on his assets. He laid down on the table as Courtney went to town. It also doesn't hurt that we get a few more nice peeks at Andrew's cute bum in the clip. 

Earlier this week, Courtney, whose real name Shane Jenek, attempted to pull down Andrew’s trousers and underwear during a drunken incident, exposing his ass for a split second. After viewers complained about the incident and demanded Courtney be removed from the house, Andrew called it nothing more than "banter." 

"It’s nothing. I’m surprised it’s not happened earlier. Oh my God this is what it feels like to not be in trouble for once," Andrew said.

Big Brother added: "Well as you know Andrew, Big Brother just likes to keep a check on all housemates and check that they are happy and comfortable and that everything is OK."

Andrew concluded: "I’ll just tell him to not do it again. But it’s funny it’s all banter you know I don’t get offended by stuff like that. It’s all what mates do really."

The bromance between the two seems to be heating up a bit, too. In the same episode, Andrew claimed that if Courtney "didn't have a dick I'd go to town on her."

It may just be mates playing around and having fun, but as long as they keep bringing us hot ass shots of Andrew, I'm not complaining. 

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