Kinksters and Kink Enthusiasts: Mason Lear's New Video is For You!

January 16, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Watch as Mason Lear sounds himself in the desert in Dominic Pacifico's newest video

[WATCH: Desert Sound - Dominic] had a strong 2017 and doesn't look to be slowing down in the new year

While Titan continues to refurbish their scene ideas featuring older, bulky muscle guys fucking next to pools, Falcon / Raging Stallion / Hot House keep fucking on boring boxes, and includes more and more women in their scenes, it's almost a wonder some of you haven't given up on big-budget porn.

There are some great smaller studios producing some great stuff still. Case in point: Dominic 

Dominic took a break from gay porn for a few years to DJ, but is back and better than ever. He revived not only his own studio, but also Tyler's Room, and directed some scenes for Badpuppy. 

Not only did he revive his own studio, but produces the full gamut of porn, from jack off scenes to kink. Whereas most kink in gay porn revolves around leather, Dominic touches kink many studios won't touch.

Case in point: Mason Lear sounding himself in the desert:

From Dominic Pacifico:

Mason finds him self roaming the desert. It's the perfect spot to stroke cock out in the sun. He pulls out his cock and a chrome sounding rod to stroke am fill his cock with. Stimulated and edged he pisses all over the rod before shooting a massive load.

It can be a little jarring, but it's important to see different types of kink.

Because to some, kink means a group of leather daddies fisting each other in slings.

And sounding is definitely kink.

Dominic may not be on any awards lists soon, but if I had my own, he'd prob win for best porn star.

Have you ever played with sounds like Mason Lear? How did it feel?


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