Tattooed Bad Boy Logan Hawk Wastes No Time Jacking Off

January 12, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by garridan-p-faxton

Once he gets to the Badpuppy Studios, Logan Hawk doesn't even wait until his underwear are off before he starts stroking.

[WATCH: Logan Hawk - Badpuppy]

Don't look him directly in the eye though - he may beat you up with his cock.

Or he may just beat you up! Badpuppy's newest model has a MEAN MUG on him! it's equal parts frightening and hot. In fact, I don't think I've seen a mug this mean-looking since Alexsander Freitas

(BTW can someone ask him to unretire? Everyone else is doing it.)

If Anything, Logan Hawk looks like he could be Dom Ully's older brother.

Remember adorable one-nutted Dom Ully, with the face tattoos? He's like the sweet, non-menacing version of Logan. Wouldn't it be hot if they did a scene together?

[WATCH: Dom Ully - Badpuppy]

From Badpuppy:

Logan Hawk saunters into the Badpuppy studios looking all hot and buff.  As he pulls off his shirt and pants we can see that he has not only been working out; but, has added some awesome ink-work.  He settles back in the chair, pulls off his underwear and his cock quickly comes to life as he starts stroking it.  Logan lies back, throws his legs over the arm of the chair and gets down to business jacking his thick, uncut piece of meat. 

Not only is that cock thick and uncut, but it is beautiful.

Also, it points slightly down!

There he goes, jacking off, with his underwear around his leg.

Then he shows off his ass a little bit for us too.

Think Logan Hawk will do a sex scene? Whom would you like to watch him fuck?


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