"What Do I Think? I Think We Oughta Fuck"

January 12, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Daymin Voss and Liam Knox admire each other's tattoo work, then admire each other's bodies, then admire the feel of each other's dicks in their asses

[WATCH: "Beef" Episode One - Titan Men]

Watch as they flip-flop fuck in episode one of Titan Men's "Beef"

It's good to have a thing. A distinctive competency, especially in gay porn. It helps others distinguish you from the rest of the pack. But while it's good to have a thing, do some studios take it too far? For instance, we all expect Sean Cody's models to be lily white, fresh face, muscular, and straight-ish. 

(Tell me you think that's brilliant.)

Heck - Men.com has taken their current "women catching their boyfriends having gay sex" thing so far that it includes someone's mom:

You want him to make the team THAT badly?

[WATCH: Anything to Make the Team - Men.com]

And while we OBVIOUSLY make fun of Sean Cody and Men.com, could Titan be falling into the same trap?

I've said it before, and I'll say it once more: gay porn is like Clue.


In Clue:

  • Someone
  • Kills someone else
  • In this location
  • With this weapon

In gay porn:

  • Someone
  • Fucks someone else
  • In this scenario
  • At this studio

While I haven't thought of some clever comparison, Titan Media is becoming the same.

The models will:

  • Skew to the muscular side. Beefy muscle at that.
  • Skew hairy.
  • Skew older. In many cases, intergenerational dynamics are at play.
  • Fuck by a pool or in some blue-collar setting.

Titan's newest film "Beef" hits at least 3 of those points.

It may hit all four, though I don't know the ages of these two. 


How do you like it: Tender and juicy? Round and rare? Aged and seasoned? Whatever you prefer, TitanMen exclusives Lorenzo Flexx, Jesse Jackman and Liam Knox have you covered as they serve up their prime slabs of Beef.

On a break, construction workers Liam Knox and Daymin Voss flex for each other as they show off their tattoos—then show off their skills in a sweaty flip fuck.

Not to mention, their scenes are all starting to blend together.

Doesn't "Beef" look like it could have been a fifth scene in either "Muscle Daddies" or "Boom"?

Boom Scene 3: Adam Ramzi and Jack Hunter

Boom Titan Men

[WATCH: "Boom" Scene Three - Titan Men]

Muscle Daddies Scene One: Jason Vario and Dallas Steele

[WATCH: "Muscle Daddies" Scene One - Titan Men]

All that ranting aside, Daymin Voss may be the prettiest (and harriest) guy working in gay porn right now.

And I ain't mad at it one bit.

And let's not pretend like flip flop fucking isn't hot:

Not to mention these two give us some heavy cumshots:

Titan still puts out some great work - the "Cauke for President" series was at least interesting. Hopefully Titan resolved to revive itself a little in 2018. 

How do you feel about Titan Men's current lineup? Tired, or are you a huge fan?


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