American Idol's Spencer Lloyd Dick And Ball Pics Are Here

January 10, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


And yes, "ball" was crucial to this title - even though the inclusion of balls is expected with a dick pic - because these, gentlemen and gentlemen, and balls of note! Spencer Lloyd took away the fourteenth place trophy during the 2013 go-round of American Idol, but that was only the TIP of Lloyd's stardom. The twenty-three-year-old is all over the Gay Internet thanks to some leaky pics and GIFs, and I mean this when I say that one pic in particular does not disappoint.

Oh, you want my criteria? Well if I must. Lloyd's peen portfolio includes a rare and welcomed soft cock pic accompanied by ample thigh hair, au naturel bush, and some hawt dangly ass balls! While, on principle, I would never turn away a hard cock jack off GIF, they're all starting to look the same at this point, and the market is fucking crowded. I feel like the essence, the gestalt, of a penis can really shine when it's fluffed out but not hard, and I am loving everything about Lloyd's. Hit the link below to check it out and vote for hard or soft in the comments!


Head HERE to see the uncensored cock AND balls

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