Zander Hodgson Bulge And Pube Town In Tighty Whities

January 10, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Let's take a gander at Zander! Grl, get your shit together. NE WAYZ, international Instagram modeling sensation Zander Hodgson really is one of the hottest models/actors we've checked out here at Fleshbot Gay, and those of you who commit the finer things in life to memory might remember him as the guy who got ass pounded in a gay dungeon on the series Ray Donovan! Well, Zander is more than just a latex bulge and tight pink gay dungeon hole, and in some new Instagram pics, he shows off his disturbingly perfect body, happiest of happy trails, tighty whitey bulge, and even some light pubage!  

According to my calculations, Hodgson is about 70% touseled blonde locks, 10% face, 10% bod, 5% pits, and 5% bulge, and you can definitely see that the figures add up in these hot snaps. Feel free to double check my math if you want. But I'm right. The twenty-seven-year-old Brit captioned his Insta post "Watching foreign films got me like..." and then differentiated his two images with "To sin...." and "....or not to sin." It really makes you stop and dink!

I could definitely go for some jack off videos from this guy right about now, but thankfully his Instagram pics are basically one step below that. Check them out in the gallery and let us know if Zander couldn't be blander, or if he gives you dick dander! Ugh I hope you guys didn't make it to the end of this. 


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