You Truly, Really, Honestly Won't Believe This K.J. Apa Dick Outline And Hairy Pit Action

January 3, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

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I either need a new language or something greater than my current seventy-five word vocabulary, because I have just plain run out of ways to accurately describe the deepeningly sexy looks we've been getting of ginger half-Samoan creamboat acting sensation K.J. Apa! Last time we checked out Apa's flopping dick action I sadly lost my pussy for good to do complications from extensive quivering. But today's GIFs of Apa are somehow even sexier, and feature some fetish site-worthy armpit action as well as dick outline for days and days and days! 

While doing a handstand with his manly man man ripped self-described "twenty-year-old" body, a hand reaches towards Archie the acrobat's super dense pits and tickles him. If you've seen the movie Tickled, you'll know this has an audience. As if this close-up pit goodness wasn't enough, more new GIFs have surfaced that show Apa's hot dick outline as he like does some weird breathing exercises or something. Something meaning drugs. I'm going to let these GIFs do the talking now that I've used up my seventy-five words, so check them out below and spillz all over my face in the comments! 


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