Unfortunately Timed "Loving Brent Corrigan: Episode 2" Out

January 3, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Well, this is awkward.


[WATCH: "Loving Brent Corrigan: Episode Two" - NakedSword Originals]

This might be the last scene we'll see from JJ Knight and Brent Corrigan now that they've broken up. We should have expected it, though. The only thing more prevalent than porn stars retiring is gay porn couples breaking up. So now we can add JJ and Brent to a list that includes Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero, Francisco D'Macho and Damien Crosse, and others. 

I swear to god if Massimo Piano and Klein Kerr break up, we're doomed. Anyway, to the breakup:

These two broke up sometime before Christmas:

JJ Has since been mentioning Brent on twitter, and even referred to themselves as "we," and possibly hinting that they'd get back together, but Brent hasn't responded or RT. In fact, Brent tweeted this yesterday:

Oh how the mighty have fallen. 

Anyway, we've got porn to discuss.

In Episode one of "Loving Brent Corrigan" we got a glimpse into how their typical day started:

A little morning sex, a little beach, a little shower.

[WATCH: "Loving Brent Corrigan: Episode One" - NakedSword Originals]

And in episode two, we get to see how their day ends.

A little beach sex, a little gym, the end.

Apparently they don't have real jobs. 


Working out with Brent Corrigan is even hotter than you imagined when he strips naked puts downtime weights to give your cock some attention. When he suggests you head out to the pool for a swim you follow so you can admire his muscular physique while he dries off. Unable to ignore your bulging swimsuit Brent goes down on your giant cock and makes you hard as a rock so you can fuck his tight hole until you both blow thick loads. 

Even though JJ doesn't love Brent any more, you can still love that ass: 

Shame as it seems they were about to start a studio. Oh well. We should be used to loss at this point.

How do you feel about JJ Knight and Brent Corrigan's breakup?


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