Jake Porter Paid Alex Mecum $1100 For A Quick Fuck Session. Think It Was Worth It?

January 2, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

TECHNICALLY Jake Porter paid Alex Mecum $100 to drop his towel, and $1000 to fuck him.

[WATCH: Let Me See It - Men.com]

Someone tell Jake that the going rate is $150-350 / hour. Hope he got his money's worth!

We ALL know money talks. But bodies can do the same thing!

Alex's body talked to Jake. Alex opened the door in a towel, and Jake could barely speak. 

We all knew he had a handsome face, but Jake wanted to know how hung Alex was.

(sidenote: Alex looks like he's graying a little bit. Is he gonna make a transition to dom daddy top? Even if not, I'm all the way here for it.)

Thank god Jake was pleasantly surprised by the cock attached to Alex we all know and love!

Soon enough, Jake voted with his money...

From Men.com:

Alex Mecum can't resist making some extra coin when Jake offers him some cash to drop his towel and show him the goods which leads to a quick fuck session.

And he let his tongue do something else besides talking.

Soon, Alex's cash and prizes were hard at work.

And Jake shot a huge load all over his chest.

Money talks, doesn't it!

Have you ever paid or been paid to fuck, like Alex Mecum? Would you pay Alex Mecum $1100 to fuck you?


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