Pusssyyy Noooo, K.J. Apa Dick-Flopping Thrusting Shirtless Dance

December 29, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

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My New Year's resolution is to not have my pussy implode every time I see shirtless half-Samoan ginger creamboat K.J. Apa do literally anything. And as of today, my resolution has definitely not come true! I'm in the IPU - Intensive Pussy Unit - after seeing these GIFs of the twenty-year-old Riverdale starlet thrusting and bustin' moves for the paps in just his basketball shorts. His freakishly perfect bod is on point as always, but the real magic here can be found in the form of the brief dick bulge flop heard round the damn world! I. Want. That. Dick. To. Murder. My. Skank. Holes! 

Riverdale will be on hiatus until January 17th, so until we see Archie dancing for the pervy CW execs, this shameless dick-flaunting pap jig will do nicely. Are your bits still intact, or did you have a blowout after glancing at these GIFs for two seconds? Spillz!



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