Did You Know Damien Stone Can Pick a Lock...With His Tongue?

December 29, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

The Lock Damien Stone picked is to a cock cage - the cock cage that Darin Silvers' GF locked him up in...

[WATCH: "Trust Issues: Part 3" - Men.com]

Darin Silvers' GF caught him cheating, but that (or a cock cage) didn't stop him...

Talk about "what dat mouf do?" Apparently it does a lot! Fuck tying a cherry stem in a knot with your tongue - Damien has you all beat.

And once he gets Darin's cock cage off, he gives his cock a little massage while fucking that ass:

From Men.com:

Darin has been a bad boy and his girlfriend isn't having it anymore. She cock locks him but little does she know the pool man is a master at picking locks; with his tongue. He ends up putting his tongue to even better use to pleasure Darin's eager hole.

Another thing you didn't know about Damien Stone: He's uncut.

Or maybe it was just me. But every promo pic I've seen of the stud has his foreskin pulled back. Maybe after their "Uncut Legends" series, Men.com really IS trying to put their money...inside someone's foreskin.

And Darin's cock in his mouth really brings out Damien's beautiful brown eyes. 

Once Damien finally gets Darin out of that cage, he flips him over and gets that ass ready for some eating.

Looks like that tongue is multi-talented!

After picking that lock, Damien opens another hole - Darin's ass.

I wonder how Darin will explain it to his girlfriend once she finds him unlocked and freshly fucked...

Have you ever been locked in a cock cage / chastity belt like Darin Silvers?


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