Officer Jeremy Spreadums Gets Jason Vario To "Try Some Dick"

December 28, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Not only does Jason Vario try some dick he helps himself to some of Jeremy Spreadums' ass

[WATCH: "West Texas Park and Ride: Scene Three" - Titan Men]

The two take care of Jason's after-work boner in scene 3 of "West Texas Park & Ride" from Titan Men

Titan Men sure does love a good theme! Just like the "Pool" theme they explored in a jillion scenes this year (including their full-length film "Pool Service"), they've also explored the officer / cop / security guard fetish a lot, including in their feature-length "Bad Cop 2", a scene in "L.A. Cruising", and here, in "West Texas Park and Ride".

And Thus, Jeremy Spreadums reprises his role as Cop.

Jason Vario isn't tasing him like Dakota Rivers did, but he's still sending shocks down Jeremy's spine...And cum down his chin.

From Titan Men:

Finishing up his late shift, blue collar Jason Vario has to take care of his boner—but gets caught by officer Jeremy Spreadums in the garage. “Jack your worries away?” asks the authority figure, eager to exploit the situation. “You ever try anything else, like a dick?” says the cop, releasing the bulge from his pants. 

Soon, officer is helping Jason out with his huge boner.

Then Jason actually DOES try that dick Jeremy suggested.

Then after trying some dick, he tries some of Jeremy's ass.

They call him Jeremy Spreadums for a reason, you know.

Now THAT's a way to take care of a boner.

OK, quick question - since the movie is called "West Texas Park & Ride" do you consider Texas the south, or the west?

What's your preferred method of taking care of a boner? After-work wank like Jason Vario?


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