Frankie Quinn Takes A Break From Playing Video Games To Play With His Joystick

December 22, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by garridan-p-faxton

Badpuppy's newest model shows off his ENTIRE body

[WATCH: Frankie Quinn - Badpuppy]

Watch as tattooed hunk Frankie Quinn plays with his hole, feet, and cock, then cums everywhere

Cock, Body, tattoos, Marilyn Monroe piercing, chiseled abs, smooth hole, feet, huge uncut cock - after watching Frankie Quinn show off, you may know all his nooks and crevices better than you know your own!


23-year old Frankie Quinn is a lean, strapping young man and he is taking some time away from his video games to strut his stuff for us.  During his interview Frankie strips off his clothes and proudly shows off his many tattoos.  He settles back in his chair and immediately throws his feet in the air giving us a perfect view of that tight hole of his.  He proceeds to lick his fingers and then shoves one up his ass, working his hole; and, of course making his cock hard as a rock.  He quickly strips off his underwear, turns towards the camera and begins jerking his long, uncut cock.

Frankie even gets a little cheeky as he pulls down his pants, revealing a nice jockstrap and cute hole

It's kinda nice seeing someone smile - they usually try to look serious and scowl.

Then he gets completely naked and gets hard, showing off an impressive cock and set of tattoos.

inb4 you girls go "ugh why ruin a body with tattoos like that ugh?!?!"

Finally, he shows off what we've all been waiting for: THAT HOLE.

And he gives a hot, inviting look with it too. Are you gonna slide in or nah?

He even gives the foot enthusiasts some fodder too, with his nice big feet!

He eventually cums all over those abs, but you'll have to check out the full video for that. I guess over the years he's mastered the art of playing with joysticks and pushing buttons. Talk about winning.

Is Frankie Quinn hot or not?


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