Aiden Ward and Taylor Reign DP Oliver Saxon

December 21, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Not only do these studs DP Oliver Saxon, Aiden Ward and Taylor Reign give him the longest DP in Cockyboys history!

[WATCH: Aiden Ward, Oliver Saxon & Taylor Reign - Cockyboys]

Watch as one of Cockyboys (if not 2017's) best threesomes unfolds

As of now, you know one of my pet peeves of many gay porn threesomes, and how I tend to judge a good threesome: is everyone being used efficiently? If two guys are doing something, and the third guy is off in the corner longingly jacking off, it's a bad threesome. Exception being this time Calvin Banks was in the corner, because Calvin Banks can do no wrong.

There's nothing wrong with liking to watch, and admittedly, threesomes have a lot of hands doing stuff. But on camera is not the time or place to act standoffish.

Luckily, In Cockyboys' latest, no body or body part goes unused!

First, we have a daisy chain of oral...


Taylor Reign welcomes Aiden Ward & Oliver Saxon to Cocky Boys and into bed for a mid-afternoon slumber party! After sharing examples of their super-human libidos, these sexual dynamos are ready to go and with virtually no foreplay they get right into a circular oral chain! Taylor & Aiden soon drift over into focusing attention on Oliver with Aiden rimming his bubble butt while Taylor stuffs his mouth with cock. 

And then the chain gets a little re-focus.

Oliver Saxon goes for Taylor Reign's dick, and Aiden Ward goes in to rim Oliver. Everyone is still getting used efficiently.

Even As Aiden is fucking Oliver, they BOTH take turns sucking Taylor's dick!

Then Taylor finally puts that mouth to use and gives Oliver a blowjob as Aiden fucks him.

That probably felt...sensational. I'll see myself out.

Some can barely stay hard when getting fucked, and Oliver out here getting a whole-ass blowjob while taking a pounding! Talk about multi-tasking!

As insatiable as Oliver is, he FINALLY got what he came here for - 2 cocks in his ass at ONCE.

And possibly for the longest time in Cockyboys history. You guys are much better at math and comparison than me, so if not, don't shoot the messenger.

And at the end, Aiden reaches around and jacks Oliver off until he cums, while they're both still fucking him!

Now THAT's efficiency right there.

Have you ever been DP'd? Did you take it as long as Oliver Saxon?


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