Three Steamy Shirtless K.J. Apa Scenes For The Price Of One

December 13, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


Well I'm definitely a dumb bitch, because it turns out that K.J. Apa was all sorts of shirtless on last week's Riverdale, but I was too busy downloading Nick Jonas pap pics from my fun new pap site logins to even fucking notice! I think one of you even gave me the heads up in the comments somewhere. I suck. But instead of beating myself up, I've decided to beat myself off to these insanely sexy clips from the eight episode of Riverdale season two, which I have spent way too much time turning turned into GIFs because that's what a responsible employee does with his day!

Apa is all about the creamy skin and ripped as hell body in all three of these scenes, but while I just love seeing frumpy Betty in heat while checking out Apa in the window and discount Blair Waldorf defiling his bod by the fire, the real magic can be found in the scene depicting our twenty-year-old half-Samoan creamboat stepping out of the shower.

People used to make fun of movies that never show people going to the bathroom, but at least in Riverdale we know that the boys take showers, because there's a damn shower scene every five minutes! Now for that scene bathroom where Archie pisses in Jughead's mouth. You heard me. SEW yeah, check out the hotness below and please give us some Archie fan fiction in the comments that doesn't involve mouth pissing. I'm not good at it! 


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