Couple Alert! Sexy AF Style Icons Joe And Nick Jonasty Stun On Red Carpet

December 13, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Nick Jonasty showed up to the premiere of his flick Jumanji with a plus one in the form of brother Joe Jonas, and the two basically stole the whole damn show with their come-hither glances and styled as fuck looks! Sorry Kevin, you're officially canceled. Nick's pants are so damn tight and his thighs are so damn huge that it looks like he's walking around on two upside-down triangles and it's my new jamity jam jam! Of course his hair is as dreamy as ever and he just can't stop licking those luscious lips, and basically my moisture level is about to call for some Monistat.

The fact that over the past year Joe Jonas has even grazed Nick Jonas' echelon of sexiness might just be a testament to the new fact that I apparently want to fuck the fuck out of porn 'staches (btw where is Joes' in these pics?!) but I think he overall has an elevated style these days, and is looking less like Sanjaya and more like my filthy little Luigi. So yeah, he could fuck me. But honestly, who couldn't? 

Check out pics of Hollywood's new it couple in the gallery and head to the comments to let us know in which order you want to receive the Jonas brothers! Oh, and here's Joe avec mustache below. Better, right?


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Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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