Soooo, Shirtless 18-Year-Old Presley Gerber Is Here

December 7, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Those of you thirsting for a new twink starlet now that Nolan Gould is MIA and Cameron Dallas is transitioning into some bearded twink hybrid thing are in luck, because today we have these insanely hot pap pics from eighteen-year-old hottie Presley Gerber! Welcome to Fleshbot Gay. You've made it! 

Gerber is the product of Cindy Crawford and Rande with an "e" Gerber, and yesterday was caught prowling the beaches of Miami looking all sorts of twinkilicious! I'm actually going to be on the same beach in one day, but if I get photographed it will be by a near-sighted whale watcher. Wah wah.

International supermodeling sensation Presley is all sorts of lean and happy trail-y in these pics, and while his visage is obscured by his sunglasses, we can see from his Insta ho game below that his face is pretty much the face you would expect from someone related to Cindy Crawford and that Kaia girl. Does Gerber leave you with a lap full of baby food? Ew gross, I don't know what that means. Anyway, spillzzzz!   


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Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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