Check Out Nico Tortorella's Bootylicious Instagram Pic

December 5, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

It's been a minute since we last heard from Younger actor (and major heartthrob) Nico Tortorella. Back in the summer, Nico opened up about being in a polygamous relationship with his partner Bethany, and now he's bared his bubbly backside on Instagram as part of a project the couple are taking part in via social media.

In the racy snap, the 29-year-old actor and model poses for the camera from a rather odd - yet completely desirable - angle. 

Nico captioned the photo with the hashtag '#getyourfuckingassout' and a little note encouraging his followers to do the same. Umm... I think we'll just sit here and admire this pic for a little while longer, Nico, but thanks for thinking of us.

Nico and Bethany have been very outspoken about their relationship, and have worked to bring more awareness to what it means to be sexually fluid. 

"I can be emotionally, physically attracted to men," he said in an interview. "I can be emotionally, physically attracted to women." 

Nico may have finally tapped into something here. I consider myself to be a very open person, but sometimes it takes something crazy to get my attention. His latest movement, though, is definitely something I can get behind (yeah, I went there).

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