So There's A Giant Uncut Penis On Netflix's Easy Season Two

December 5, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


The Netflix series Easy has been watched by four people, and even if you're not watching it, which you're not because nobody is, you might remember that the first season brought an ass shot from Orlando Bloom that readers here referred to as "Meh." and literally nothing else because only celtic.dick commented. Thanks everyone else so much. MY POINT is that Orlando Bloom is gross, but season two of Easy completely ups the nudity by bringing a heaping helping of huge uncut cock from petit fuzzy Indian actor Siddhartha Rajan! Oh now you're interested in the show!

Easy takes place in Chicago and follows introspective 20 and 30-something-year-olds fumbling their way through this crazy thing we call life. Do they navigate friendship, family, love, and sex with wit and charm? You bet your fucking ass they do! But more importantly they occasionally take off their clothes on screen, and during one boudoir scene, Rajan flaunts his almost erect cock while overanalyzing the best course of action for sex with a woman. After some deliberating, he opts for mutual masturbation. Always a good choice. Really all of season two boils down to this dick, and it's a pretty fantastic one, so I give the show a 10/10! Does Siddhartha give you a Rajan boner? Spillz! 


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