OMG We Missed These Nick Jonas Jeans Dick Bulge Pics

December 4, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


There's nothing excellency about me today as I have let all of you down by not covering these insanely hot pap pics from August that feature Nick Jonasty chest hair for days and even his hot blue jeans bulge! He's accompanied by a random guy trying to steal his spotlight, and so help me God, if any of you say that random guy is hotter than Nick in these pics I'll lose my damn shit.

Nick Jonas can be seen wearing a sexy J.Jill blouse that reveals a heaping helping of his fur-tastic cleavage. But the real magic happens in the crotchular region, where's Nick's dick and balls can be seen squished together into a perfect handful of Jonas junk that I just need to gag on! I can't say that I'm great with money, but I do know that I'd pay a million dollars to lay these jeans on top of my face. Are you wet and a half after seeing these peen-forward pics of Jonasty and a random former celebrity? Spillz!   

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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