Sean Maygers Does A Boring Ol' Jack Off Scene

December 4, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by garridan-p-faxton

After some kinky edging with Dominic Pacifico, and a bathhouse fiasco with Casey Everett, Sean Maygers just...jacks off.

[WATCH: Sean Maygers - Tyler's Room]

Sean being Sean still somehow made his Tyler's Room Scene look extremely hot.

They say what goes up must come down. And when you start at the top, there's nowhere for you to go BUT down. And when you look at Sean Maygers trajectory, you knew it was coming sooner or later.

He started with a solo at American Muscle Hunks, then did some HARD edging and had a bathhouse romp at So unless he was gonna have sex while balancing on his forearms, we knew tamer sex was coming (though if Manuel Skye can do it...)

Before stripping, he even does an interview.

We don't find out anything really surprising, except that Maygers has a soft 'g' and is pronounced like Majors. I shouldn't be surprised considering gif has a soft G because it is followed by a vowel don't argue with me.

From Tyler's Room:

Sean takes some time out to stop and show off his beautiful smile and amazingly large cock. He slowly undresses while lightly teasing the camera. This man will make you blush just watching him touch himself. Stroking and sniffing his manly pits he shoots a hot juicy load that will make your mouth water.

Then he strips down and finally lets us see that wiener.

And those muscles, and those hideous tattoos, but that wiener.

You can't be attractive, ripped, and hung. You have to pick two. it isn't fair.

Then he finally lets us see that ass before shooting a load!

Maybe since Sean Maygers has shown us he can be kinky, now he'll try to round out his porn career a little. Unless he really WANTS to show us that he can balance on his forearms whilst having sex.

Also it's gif with a soft g, don't argue with me.

What do you think of Sean Maygers? Hot or not?


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